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Tell Me Pastor: Living A Lie

Dear Pastor,

I am 30 years old and I am from St. Ann. I have been married for five years but I am going through trials. And I have been living a lie. I do not love my husband. I got married to him because my sister and I were very close and she got married and went to live abroad. I had a boyfriend before I met my husband and he is still not married. We have continued to have sex. Whenever I have sex with my husband, I only do it to satisfy him, but my mind is not in it.

We do not have children. I got pregnant, but it was not for my husband and I had an abortion. I told him it was a miscarriage and he believed, but it was not a miscarriage. I want to leave my husband. I went to the U.S. Embassy to get a visa but I was turned down.

I have two friends who are working in one of the islands and they are trying to get me a job. My husband has agreed for me to go. He is building a house so I told him that I will work and send money to help him to build the house.

My boyfriend told me that he is not going to get married; he is going to wait until I divorce my husband so we can get married. I don’t know who to talk to about my problems.

Dear S.S.,

If it would make you feel better, I will not tell you not to leave your husband. But I am compelled to tell you that you are a very very bad woman. You are untrustworthy and deceitful. For all these years you have beenunfaithful to your husband. I can imagine how the ‘bunna man’ is laughing at him and looking at him with pity.

If the ‘bunna man’ thought highly of you and wanted you, he would have proposed to you before allowing you to become entangled with a man who is short in statue. I would not be surprised if this ‘bunna man’ is not just fooling you and using you, but will never marry you, even if you were to get a divorce.

Can’t you see that he doesn’t care about you? He knows that you are married and both of you had unprotected sex and he got you pregnant. If he cared, he wouldn’t do that. You are acting as if you are walking on your senses.

Perhaps the time has come for you to tell your husband that you are not in love with him and you want a divorce. It is unfair for you to be living with him, while at the same time you are giving away what is rightly his.

Girl, you are wicked.



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I’m back … says Patra

After a long absence, Patra claims that she has returned to continue her work as the ‘Queen of the Pack’. It has been more than five years since her latest recording and video, and Patra is adamant that she is back to stay.

The female artiste has been busy making the rounds promoting her newest single and video which features artiste Delus.

The song, Come Over, has been doing well both locally and internationally and also heralds her new album.

Having got her big break in the 1980s after a stellar Sting performance, Patra almost immediately tapped into the international market with a slew of hits, including Pull Up To My BumperWorker ManThink About It and Yo Yo.

After dominating the airwaves, fans heard nothing from her for a while.

"I called it self-exile because I wasn’t in control of my music and I wanted to be in control. So in order for me to do that, I had to tek whe myself in certain ways. I didn’t know it would take this long, however, I was ready for however long it takes for me to be in control of my music like I am now," Patra told THE STAR.


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Konshens, Leftside defends adult video

Dancehall artistes Leftside and Konshens have come under immense scrutiny from some of their fans.

Both artistes collaborated on a new track titled Clap Dat, for which a video was shot on location at the Taboo exotic nightclub. The video was released Tuesday on social-media sites.

The video showcases strippers in the nude on the pole, while others can be seen dancing with the artistes and each other. Since the release of the video, there have been mixed reactions from the fans.

While some fans took to Twitter to state that they loved the video and its concept, even more fans were seen posting messages describing the video as “pornographic”, “disturbing”, “disgusting” and “sick”.

Konshens told THE STAR that the beginning of the song has an age advisory for adults.

"That’s life. It’s reality. Nutten inna the video a nuh nutten from out a space. The space people who a criticise the video, you can buck them up inna the same space weh the video shoot. Mi record 17 one-drop songs since mi sing Gyal a Bubble, ask all who a comment if dem know none a dem song deh,” Konshens said.

He went on to say that there are no plans to release a ‘clean’ version of the video and that those who do not like the video should not watch it. “If you don’t like the adult version, then too bad for you,” Konshens told THE STAR.

Clap Dat, which has since been pulled from Leftside’s YouTube account, now requires individuals to sign in to see the video and also issues the following warning: “The following content has been identified by the YouTube community as being potentially offensive or inappropriate. Viewer discretion is advised”.

According to Leftside. the song mentions the names of various strip clubs, so it should not come as a surprise that the video was actually shot in one.


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Why root for the Jamaican sprinters? Nicholas Thompson and Malcolm Gladwell continue their conversation about track and field, focusing here on Usain Bolt, Tyson Gay, and underdogs in track:


Why root for the Jamaican sprinters? Nicholas Thompson and Malcolm Gladwell continue their conversation about track and field, focusing here on Usain Bolt, Tyson Gay, and underdogs in track:

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Woman found dead with sex toy

Rasbert Turner, Star Writer

Speculation is rife in a St Catherine community after a 39-year-old woman was found dead at her home with a sexual object on her stomach on the weekend.

The incident occurred in the Eltham community outside Spanish Town.

It was reported to The Star that the woman was found with a bright blue coloured dildo still in her grasp.

"This is like a sign to the community. We have seen people die by gunshot, accident, lightning but never by a dildo," a resident told THE STAR.

Residents said the woman lived alone and is believed to have resorted to the usage of the dildo. Police told THE STAR that the post-mortem report is to be done, therefore the verdict is still out as to the cause of death.

Meanwhile, the stories are swirling around the community as to the possible causes.

The St Catherine North police are investigating the death.

TELL ME PASTOR: Bruised During Sex

Dear Pastor,

This is my first time writing to you. I am 21 and my boyfriend is 23. When I was 19 I had sex for the first time but it was with a man that I did not like. I was at home not working and he used to come by and talk to me. I was living with my father and his girlfriend at the time. My father loves me very much but his girlfriend did not like me. She was always telling lies on me.

First my father believed her, but I showed my father why I wouldn’t do the things she said I was doing. She even told my father that she missed some money and my father told her he did not believe I took the money. One day I wanted someone to talk to and this guy invited me out. I didn’t know Kingston very well. I went out with him and before he took me home, we had sex. I was vex with him because he did not use a condom.

Now Pastor, I have a boyfriend and I love him. He has his own taxi and he takes good care of me. He got a job in a restaurant for me. My father got rid of his girlfriend so I am still living at my father’s house. We have a good relationship. My father knows my boyfriend. They get along well. But Pastor, every time my boyfriend and I have sex my vagina is bruised up and I am in pain. I always bleed sometimes more than other times. He told me I would get accustomed to his size but I can’t get accustomed. He does not like to see me cry so we do oral sex most of the time. Is it wrong to do oral sex? I am waiting for your fatherly advice.

O. M.

Dear OM.,

May I suggest that you go to a doctor and discuss this problem with him. Perhaps you should consider going to a gynaecologist. It might help your boyfriend to accompany you and listen to the doctor. You would receive the appropriate advice. Some people might find it difficult to understand that a man can be so large that having sex with his woman can be very painful.

There is a condition from which some women suffer called vaginismus.

A woman who suffers from this condition, if she is tense and afraid to have sexual intercourse, her vaginal muscles tighten up and it becomes almost impossible for the man to penetrate her with his penis. That happens to virgins more often than with women who are accustomed to having sex. However, whenever a woman is having pain during intercourse, she should see a medical doctor.

About your concern regarding oral sex, I could only say that some counsellors condemn the practice while others say nothing is wrong with it. I do not advocate or condemn, it is solely up to a couple whether they wish to engage in the practice.


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Bolt Plays It Cool

Olympic champion expects to bounce back from poor performance … says only London matters

Despite a less than convincing performance in Ostrava a few days ago, when he clocked the slowest 100m time in his professional career, world’s fastest man Usain Bolt says he is unaffected with London OlympicGames just a few months away.

The double Olympic Champion has struggled to explain the 10.04 clocking which, despite being good enough to claim first place at the Golden Spikes meet, looked a long way off an average day, let alone his best. After spending an eternity in the starting blocks, Bolt struggled to overtake the field, but got the better of Kim Collins (St Kitts and Nevis) 10.19 and Darvis Patton (US) 10.22.

my rivals

"I don’t know what my rivals will think about it," Bolt told UK online publication (

However, the athlete has made it clear that he will not be bothered by only one race and that the focus remained defending his titles at the London Games.

"It’s all about the Olympics. Losing one race, losing two races doesn’t matter, it’s about getting to the Olympics and doing your best.”


Guinness and Dancehall 50

One of Jamaica’s biggest brands, Guinness, is to recognise and celebrate the 50 most influential and iconic persons behind dancehall music.

The Guinness brand, which has been a major player in the Jamaican dancehall culture for over 20 years, will offer a platform for its consumers to select their choice of the greatest dancehall icons of all time in recognition of the Jamaica 50 celebrations.

"As we begin celebrating Jamaica 50, Guinness wants to recognise the legendary influencers and playmakers of this unique and great culture we own called dancehall," said Guinness brand manager Racquel Nevins.

"As the biggest brand in dancehall, we’re going to create a platform where our consumers can select their choice for the greatest in dancehall, and that will include DJs, producers, selectors, and sound-system owners," Nevins added.

Guinness said it would be celebrating persons who have the confidence to follow their dreams, people who are full of imagination and vision and who live vibrant lives - all of which represent the Guinness consumer.

The Guinness 50 Greatest Dancehall Icons activity will kick off in June and run up to Independence weekend.


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Woman’s throat slashed during joke

Crystal Harrison, Staff Reporter

A man who reportedly ‘accidentally’ slashed his drinking partner’s throat during a playful night out at a bar in Stony Hill, St Andrew, on the weekend, is on the run THE STAR has learnt.

Reports are that the accused said he was just being playful when he knifed his female friend as he thought it was the back of the knife he had used; but to his surprise, it was the blade.

 THE STAR understands that the woman who felt that the accused had taken a prank too far after realising that she had suffered a wound to the neck, quickly reported the matter to the police.

eeeeediat ting dat… play too rasssclot much.

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More women are cheating on their partners, a feature of changing gender roles in the Caribbean, according to a tri-nation study carrried out in Jamaica, Haiti and the Dominican Republic.

The report, commissioned in 2011 by Panos Caribbean and which is to be released here this month, also confirmed “very strong links” between infidelity and transmission of HIV, the virus which causes AIDS.

Read more:

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Deejay Popcaan continues to blaze trails with a feature in the coveted American newspaper, The New York Times.

The artiste, real name Andrae Sutherland, was featured in the newspaper’s ‘Music’ section on the weekend.

The article looks on Popcaan’s recent Billboard song, Only Man She Want, which debuted on Billboard’s R&B/Hip-Hop charts at number 89.

The article states, “As ever, dancehall songs take several months to crawl up from Jamaica and infiltrate the American consciousness. Popcaan’s Only Man She Want now experiencing its crossover moment, is already months old, but its sweetness hasn’t faded.”

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After a five-year hiatus, it is safe to say that Boston is the home of the jerk festival.

Last Sunday, CranWATA and Tropical Vibes Production smiled as they saw jerk fans from across the world and Portlanders and residents from across the 14 parishes enter the Boston Community Center to support the CranWATA Boston Jerk Festival. Over 10,000 fans came to be part of the festival.

As part of Jamaica’s 50th anniversary, the promoters wanted to showcase the roots of the authentic jerk dishes at their festival, and indeed they did! Among the list of succulent dishes for the day were jerk rabbit, which was the first to sell off completely. jerk deer was an interesting dish that did well. jerk lobster, jerk lionfish, jerk conch, and the traditional jerk chicken and jerk pork were all excellent sellers.

Event planner Garwin Davis said: “the turnout exceeded my expectations. I had vendors telling me they had good sales and most patrons saying that the festival was good and they can’t wait until next year”.

Dancehall artiste Konshens has released his first clothing line called ‘Oh-K’. The line was designed for a female market and is already being sold in local stores.

According to Konshens, his decision to create a clothing line exclusively for females is because he believes he has a very strong female fan base.

"Females are my strongest fan base, they show me a lot of support so this is giving back to them. I don’t really have a style so I cannot decide what men must wear, but I know what I want to see females wearing, so that’s why I decided to go female," he said.

In apologising to her supporters for the absence of some artistes from her birthday party in Savanna-la-Mar on the weekend, dancehall artiste D’Angel says she is committed to returning to the area to host a free show.

On Sunday, D’Angel held her birthday party at Hotel Commingle in Savanna-la-Mar, Westmoreland. Some of the artistes slated to perform were Beenie Man, Capleton, Coco Tea, Ryno, Zamunda, Twin of Twins, Stacious, Ikaya, Tanto Blacks, Charly Black, Droop Lion and Hero.

ZJ Liquid made his much anticipated return to the airwaves yesterday.

After months of being on suspension after he allegedly breached directives issued by the Broadcasting Commission, the discjock turned deejay/producer returned to his job at Zip 103 FM for his 2-6 p.m., Throwback Tuesdays slot.