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After a five-year hiatus, it is safe to say that Boston is the home of the jerk festival.

Last Sunday, CranWATA and Tropical Vibes Production smiled as they saw jerk fans from across the world and Portlanders and residents from across the 14 parishes enter the Boston Community Center to support the CranWATA Boston Jerk Festival. Over 10,000 fans came to be part of the festival.

As part of Jamaica’s 50th anniversary, the promoters wanted to showcase the roots of the authentic jerk dishes at their festival, and indeed they did! Among the list of succulent dishes for the day were jerk rabbit, which was the first to sell off completely. jerk deer was an interesting dish that did well. jerk lobster, jerk lionfish, jerk conch, and the traditional jerk chicken and jerk pork were all excellent sellers.

Event planner Garwin Davis said: “the turnout exceeded my expectations. I had vendors telling me they had good sales and most patrons saying that the festival was good and they can’t wait until next year”.