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I think only about 30% of people who know of me know that I’m gay, They’re clueless! I don’t hide… I’ve been gay since I was about 16. I went to an all girls boarding school and loved my mother for it. She would die if she heard that but she’s already dead so it doesn’t matter.
Miss Cleo

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Tell Me Pastor: Living A Lie

Dear Pastor,

I am 30 years old and I am from St. Ann. I have been married for five years but I am going through trials. And I have been living a lie. I do not love my husband. I got married to him because my sister and I were very close and she got married and went to live abroad. I had a boyfriend before I met my husband and he is still not married. We have continued to have sex. Whenever I have sex with my husband, I only do it to satisfy him, but my mind is not in it.

We do not have children. I got pregnant, but it was not for my husband and I had an abortion. I told him it was a miscarriage and he believed, but it was not a miscarriage. I want to leave my husband. I went to the U.S. Embassy to get a visa but I was turned down.

I have two friends who are working in one of the islands and they are trying to get me a job. My husband has agreed for me to go. He is building a house so I told him that I will work and send money to help him to build the house.

My boyfriend told me that he is not going to get married; he is going to wait until I divorce my husband so we can get married. I don’t know who to talk to about my problems.

Dear S.S.,

If it would make you feel better, I will not tell you not to leave your husband. But I am compelled to tell you that you are a very very bad woman. You are untrustworthy and deceitful. For all these years you have beenunfaithful to your husband. I can imagine how the ‘bunna man’ is laughing at him and looking at him with pity.

If the ‘bunna man’ thought highly of you and wanted you, he would have proposed to you before allowing you to become entangled with a man who is short in statue. I would not be surprised if this ‘bunna man’ is not just fooling you and using you, but will never marry you, even if you were to get a divorce.

Can’t you see that he doesn’t care about you? He knows that you are married and both of you had unprotected sex and he got you pregnant. If he cared, he wouldn’t do that. You are acting as if you are walking on your senses.

Perhaps the time has come for you to tell your husband that you are not in love with him and you want a divorce. It is unfair for you to be living with him, while at the same time you are giving away what is rightly his.

Girl, you are wicked.



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Hurricane Sandy Effect: Giant waves Palisadoes

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"I was so frightened, I thought it was coming out on me," Paul Anderson* a bank worker told THE STAR recently after finding a ‘drumma’ roach in one of two fritters he bought from a cookshop in an arcade along Church Street in downtown Kingston.

The incident, which allegedly happened last Tuesday, has left a bad taste in the 41-year-old man’s mouth.

"I have been buying at the cookshop for years and when I bought the items I ate one, and was on the second one when I made the discovery. I was biting around the thing and when going for another bite I saw the roach," he explained. "I was so frightened I threw it away but then I took it up and took it back to the shop."

Anderson said after showing it to the shop owner, an agreement for compensation was reached, however, he claims that the woman later went back on her word.

"We came to an agreement for me to go to the doctor and for her to take care of my medical expenses in case of anything, but because I was being lenient she reversed the thing and said it was my word against hers," he said.

Bolt mash up another car…

KINGSTON, Jamaica (CMC)  Double sprint world record holder Usain Bolt escaped injury after he was involved in a minor car crash in the Jamaican capital, Kingston, early yesterday morning.

The Olympic champion crashed his luxury BMW motor car into guard rails at the Half-Way-Tree intersection shortly after 5:00 am.

A source close to the star athlete reported that he was not hurt in the crash and was resting comfortably at home.

According to the police, Bolt, who is preparing to defend his 100 and 200 metre titles at this summer’s London Olympics, was on his way home from a party when he crashed his car.

His friend and fellow sprint rival Asafa Powell was also at the scene of the crash, but was in another motor vehicle.

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